Unity Developer

Hexr Factory is a futuristic tech company focusing on XR, AI, Computer Vision and Industry 4.0. We are looking for young enthusiastic and fresh talents who are ready to face challenges and can learn quickly. We assure you that you’ll have a deep learning curve and growth opportunities. Hexr Factory is looking to immediately fill this position.

Unity Developer

We are looking for a developer responsible for the design and development of technology-based applications using the Unity Engine, ensuring the performance and quality. You will work with the team to create interactive and narrative experiences. Critical to your role will be your ability to quickly understand big picture objectives, work independently and leverage your talents to take projects to the next level.

Experience: 0 - 4 years


  • Daily execution of complex programming tasks and algorithm development
  • Strong attention to detail – naming conventions, documentation, writing tests
  • Ability to balance individual work while supporting Engineers in different domains
  • Identifying architectural bottlenecks in the codebase before they impact productivity
  • Good teamwork skills – ability to listen to others and provide constructive criticism
  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, and other creatives to develop practical, engaging, and entertaining experiences
  • Develop robust, well-tested, and performant code
  • Participate in team discussions and seek to apply industry best practices
  • Help ideate on and solve challenging problems that meet client needs


  • Practical experience in C# / Unity development
  • Deep understanding of various Unity systems such as asset workflow, scene management, rendering, physics, animation, and networking
  • Experience with profiling, optimization, and development of performance critical code
  • Experience working as part of a team using industry standard collaboration tools including source control and issue trackers
  • Motivated and able to work independently
  • Good collaborator with strong communication skills
  • Previous experience integrating C/C++/C# libraries with Unity
  • Experience with Unity's animation system
  • Experience with networking concepts
  • Working closely with Senior Programmer to implement interactive real-time features, user interface and functionality.
  • Working on R&D to find technical solutions for client challenges.
  • Developing proof of concept on technologies like AR/VR.

Work Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Position: Permanent (Full timer)

If interested, please share your resume and portfolios.

Email id: hr@hexrfactory.com
Contact: +91 9884029995
Web: www.hexrfactory.com

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