Defence VR

Train Safe! Train Virtual!

In a battle, saving a life is very difficult, especially given the circumstances in which army doctors have to provide medical assistance for thousands of soldiers on the battlefield. So how to condition the doctors to react during such dangerous combat situations without risking their lives? By using Virtual Simulation. Wielding the power of Virtual Reality(VR), a simulation of the battleground can be created to engage the soldiers & doctors without any threat of injury or death. Devices like haptic wearables, controllers, trackers, and head-mounted display put together fabricate virtual combat zones and battle stations that include the dynamics of war.

For us, at HEXR factory, healthcare is one of the topmost priorities. We leverage our tech to build accurate environments and scenarios to sensitize the minds of the soldiers & doctors to the rigors of the battle. Our solutions are customizable, scalable and support diverse virtual environments for the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

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