Architectural Visualization

Designing a masterpiece? Visualize it first!

Every architect experiences a phase wherein he/she is unable to portray the structural designs to the clients using 2D blueprints alone. Not anymore! Immerse people into your visions and ideas using the power of Virtual Reality(VR). By rendering stellar visuals and highly interactive dimensions, the architectural firms can give a floor-by-floor walkthrough of their designs and buildings with an almost realistic feel to their clients.

The focal point of HexR solutions is to allow clients to enter a space in which they can walk freely, interact and examine the complete structure in detail. With those feedbacks, an architect or a designer can revamp the model before beginning with the construction. Also, this solution is one of the best marketing strategies for Real-Estate and Housing & Construction Companies by which they can demonstrate highly engaging and photo-realistic visuals to their future owners.

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